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I enjoyed reading this, Marc. These days, I actually find email reasonably straightforward to manage in and of itself (I think of the times when email and the phone were the primary/only business communication tools as the good old days!), but I do struggle when there is an absence of consistency when it comes to organisational (i.e. internal) communication (i.e. use email for this, use Slack for this etc.).

When I cannot be sure whether an email, Slack message (which I may or may not be @ in), notification from some other platform etc. is what I'll get next, despite my perhaps having expressed a clear preference from one of these, I find that challenging, particularly with projects that might be time sensitive and where I might be accountable. So much wasted time chasing around or chasing people to get the info I am after.

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I 100% agree that email is probably the only one that qualifies for the Big 3.

I am certainly enthused about the prospect of AI support with knowledge - and communication - management!

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